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April 2014

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Kegelmaster Instructional & Medical Video

The Kegelmaster Instructional & Medical Video includes instructions for use, unpaid endorsements and testimonials from real women, doctor comments and a doctor led discussion group.

Welcome to Kegel Woman was created to provide women with a source of information pertaining to Kegel exercises and available Kegel exercise products and options.

The Kegelmaster is the Number One Most Effective Device for Helping a Woman Achieve More Frequent, Stronger, Longer Lasting and More Satisfying Orgasm

A woman can dramatically increase her enjoyment of sexual intercourse and improve the quality of her life and overall well-being today.

Article "You Can Train Your Vagina To Be More Orgasmic!"
by Karen J. Bannan, Howard I. Glazer, Ph.D
January issue of Marie Claire™ magazine.

TESTED DEVICE: The Kegelmaster for Women

(94% Satisfaction Rating)

“Yes Sex is Definitely Better after using the Kegelmaster!” Faith 34 Graphic Designer

What is the Kegelmaster for Women? A Kegel Exercise device that strengthens and tones the Pelvic Floor & PC pubococcygeus (PC) muscles using dynamic targeted adjustable resistance.

How Does the Kegelmaster for Women Work to Improve Sexual Responsiveness ? You insert the Kegelmaster™ into your vagina, then you practice squeezing and releasing the device by tightening your vaginal wall around it.

What we Found with the Kegelmaster for Women “When I opened the box I thought it was really funny looking. But it was easy to use. I started with the lowest of fifteen tension settings and worked up to level five by the end of a four weeks.”

Did You Have Better Orgasms After Using the Kegelmaster? “Yes. Sex is definitely better for both me and my husband after using the Kegelmaster. He says I feel tighter - and I can feel how strongly I contract, especially during orgasm.”

MEASURED RESULTS “Faith’s muscles were healthy and well balanced to begin with, and she added even more stamina by doing these exercises, which accounts for her positive results.”

Dr. Howard I. Glazer, Ph.D Marie Claire Independent Consultant

Kegelmaster Teri Hatcher & Jay Leno Video

Actress Teri Hatcher appears on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno and talks about her experience with the amazing Kegelmaster™

Why should all healthy women do Kegel Exercises?

  • The Kegel Exercise is the only known, proven non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical solution to nearly all forms of Female Urinary Incontinence.
  • The collapse or failure of the Pelvic Floor is directly responsible for many common female reproductive health complications like incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction. All of these problems can be prevented with proper Kegel exercises.
  • Proper Kegel exercises can increase the intensity of the female orgasm as well as improve sexual pleasure for both intercourse partners.
  • Kegel exercises are often prescribed in preparation for vaginal child birthing and can prevent pelvic floor damage during vaginal child birth delivery as well as make child birthing easier and less painful.
  • How does the Kegelmaster Work?

    The Kegelmaster™ applies targeted resistance against the muscles of the female pelvic floor.

    The Kegelmaster is inserted into the vaginal opening about 3 to 4 inches but not beyond the flange.

    The adjustment knob can be loosened to open the unit as much as is comfortable.

    Using only the muscles of the pelvic floor, the muscles that encircle the vaginal opening a woman squeezes the unit closed and counts for 3 seconds then releases.

    What is the Kegelmaster™?

    The Kegelmaster™ is the most recommended, most proven and most effective dynamic progressive resistance Kegel exerciser of it's kind. The Kegelmaster™ was specifically designed to help a woman perform proper and effective Kegel exercises by applying adjustable targeted resistance against the muscles of the female pelvic floor.

    The benefits from using the Kegelmaster and performing regular proper Kegel Exercises include relief from many common female pelvic floor disorders such as incontinence, pelvic and vaginal pain, sexual dysfunction. A strong and healthy pelvic floor can prevent the onset of bladder prolapse (cystocele), uterine prolapse or bowel prolapse (rectocele).

    The Kegelmaster™ has 15 levels of resistance with a maximum of 4.5lbs of pressure required to close the unit. The Advanced Kegelmaster has 64 levels of resistance with a maximum of 9.5lbs of pressure required to close the unit.

    Can a Kegelmaster™ Significantly Improve My Sex Life and Actually Enhance My Vaginal Sexual Responsiveness?

    Yes! The Kegel muscles are those muscles that produce the intense sexual pleasure during the female vaginal orgasm. Stronger, healthier kegel muscles provide for stronger, longer lasting, more intense and more satisfying female orgasm.

    Improved vaginal health will increase the frequency and ease of achieving orgasm and increase overall sexual satisfaction for both the woman and her male partner. The Kegelmaster™ is one of the most effective, doctor recommended and proven devices to help you accomplish these goals.

    Can't I just do the Kegel Exercise without the Kegelmaster™ 2000?

    You CANNOT perform a Kegel exercise without resistance, in fact Dr. Arnold Kegel's breakthrough idea was the incorporation of resistance. So without resistance you are just squeezing and accomplishing little. Imagine a body builder trying to build strong biceps by just squeezing his arms without ever lifting a weight. It would just be impossible!

    A true Kegel exercise requires resistance, and there is not a more effective or more proven device for accomplishing this than the Kegelmaster™ 2000 for Women.

    The Kegelmaster™ is the Original and Still the Number One Most Effective Kegel Exercise Device for Women

    The Kegelmaster™ has been called a "Miracle for Women" and is the best, most proven and most effective Kegel exerciser available. The Kegelmaster™ makes Kegel Exercises simple, quick and even enjoyable